About Deep Dive Retreat - pause Retreat

pause Deep Dive Online Retreat


A day online retreat with recommended schedules for both the early and late riser. 


Focus & Purpose: 

This retreat is designed to help you reach self-alignment through a strict plant based diet, intensive yoga practices and a series of internal experiences. This collection of wellness activities were developed and curated specifically to ease restlessness within and help you connect to a higher level of consciousness. Made for the pauser seeking a deeper mental, physical and emotional cleanse.

Guided Video Practices: 

– Plant-based diet that consist of over 15+ recipes 

– Morning meditation

– Yoga Twice a day: 

  30min Vinyasa yoga & 60min of Restorative alignment-based yoga

– Breathwork

– Bowl ceremony

– Gong ceremony 

– Morning & evening journal sessions 


Other Retreat Essentials: 

Day ZeroA prep day filled with videos and tips prior to starting your 3-day retreat schedule. It includes guides on: 

           – how to arrange your space

           – grocery shop

           – practice essentials and more

– Early Riser/ Late Riser schedules

– Recipe Book: easy to follow healthy recipes & video cooking tutorials 

Journaling with intention 

– 101 Nutrition video tips

– Email support 

pause Unicorns: 

David Shemesh, Miriam Adler Eden Gershon-Londner, Sheerle Dove , Udi Sahar