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We are in a never ending race, the race for success, the race for family, the race for being accepted. Somehow being healthy became a race, even being more spiritual became a race! “Do you meditate? How long?” We are in constant competition with the world and no matter how much we obtain, we always feel like there is something missing. Yet, when was the last time we stopped and asked ourselves, why are we running in the first place? We were taught that resting is not part of the equation of success. “Work hard, play hard” or “cant stop, wont stop.” In this constant state of motion, we inevitably sacrifice the most important relationship of our lives – the one with ourselves. What if you had time to CULTIVATE that relationship? What would happen if you could just take a break solely for you? Who would you be if you had a moment to reassess yourself?




pause Retreats is a digital content platform and event production company focused on all things wellness. We curate both online and in-person retreats, bringing together top industry teachers (who we call our pause unicorns) from a variety of crafts. Our goal is to provide an accessible and flexible method for anyone, anywhere to learn and retain tools to achieve self alignment, resilience, and a deeper connection to self. Mastering these states will lead to a happier, healthier and more fulfilled wellbeing. 

All we ask is that you commit to taking a short pause from your daily routine and practice the various lessons taught in our specially designed wellness retreats. 

pause is the vision of Sharoni Rotberg. Through her curated online and in-person retreats, she provides practical tools to help you in the daily race. From mindfulness and personal growth tools to cleansing retreats and body movements, pause retreats offers a paved trail to live in full alignment and connect to your mind, body and soul.

Meet the Founders

Sharoni Rotberg, CEO & Co-Founder

Sharoni leads content curation and production at pause Retreat. For 15 years with her PR firm OWNIT in NYV and as a freelancer, she created over 100 memorable, tailor-made experiences all over the world, taking on various roles from Public Relations Director, Event Producer, Content Curator and Partnership Facilitator. In the last 4 years, Sharoni redirected her focus and produced over 50 physical wellness retreats in iconic locations, like Mexico, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Israel and more. Her mission today is to encourage humans to embody their truth and their authentic self in order to grow and thrive through pause’s online wellness programs.

Lorein Abenhaim, CPO & Co-Founder

Lo leads product management at pause Retreat. She has spent the last 10 years managing the build and release of over a dozen digital products for various companies around the world, ranging from high tech to hospitality. Her experience stretches from product inception to defining and executing go-to-market plans. Lo prioritizes creating digital products that humanize technology and drive positive impact in their specific industry. Her mission today is to make authentic wellness practices more accessible and find a seamless way for humans to integrate such practices into their daily routine through pause. 

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We love you, even before we met you.



Be assured that you have nothing to prove! Be exceptionally yourself! 🙂



There’s no one way to live life.



We believe in investing in ourselves to become better!



We are committed to giving you a unique experience.



We are committed to providing a tool box available to you through your journey, even after you pause.



We believe that in order to really pause we will need to put our phones aside…



We are committed to bringing you the best content that will be personally relevant to you – tailor made to your needs.



We are committed to giving you your space.



We are committed to preparing you to create the most suitable environment to experience the growth process you wish.