pause Retreat

pause Quick Reboot Retreat


One full 1 day schedule with recommended starting times from 7am – 9am. (Access to content is available for 3 days upon purchase.)  


Focus & Purpose: 

This one-day pause retreat provides the exact boost you need in order to snap into a healthier, more aligned routine. Give yourself a full detox day, combining clean eating, morning meditation, two yoga practices, journaling and a sound healing for a full reconnection with both the physical and internal self. This retreat is specifically curated to gracefully balance a highly active day and a restful evening, so you can wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and energized to continue a mindful routine.


Practices include: 

– Detox 

– Morning meditation

– Vinyasa yoga

– Restorative alignment-based yoga

– Breathwork

– Bowl ceremony

– Journaling 


Retreat Includes: 

-Day Zero:A day prior your chosen retreat in order to get ready for the journey.

Early Riser/ Late Riser curated Schedule

-‫Recipe Book :easy to follow recipes & videos with variety of options

Journaling with intention 

-101 Nutrition video tips

‬-How to arrange your space video by our founder ‬

– Email support

pause Unicorns: 

David Shemesh, Miriam Adler Eden Gershon-Londner, 

Sheerle Dove, Udi Sahar