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pause Retreat: From Darkness to Light

Alex Mazor & Dror Rada

Join us for a three-day grounding journey in a magical location in the Carmel mountains. Anticipate magical and outstanding sunsets, sound journeys to connect to your emotional bodies in ways you never experienced. Yoga to connect to your physical bodies in order to align and get back to center With nutritious food to support a complete mind, body and soul experience. 

Main Muscles


About the Location

Beit Oren is home to Kfar Mantur by Selina, a pastoral ecosystem in the heart of the Carmel mountain range, The Ecological Fairy Forest, and Atlit Beach you’ll find endless ways to fall in love with the region’s rich culture and natural beauty. The perfect destination to unwind and disconnect.

What to Expect

4 yoga classes with Alex Mazor  

Meditative sound journey with Dror Rada

Different types of meditations

Nutritious meals 

snacks throughout the day 

Bonfires + Watching the stars 

Connection to mother earth 

Kabbalat Shabbat

All you need is to pack a bag and come! 

Types of Rooms

Solo: Enjoy a classic room full of light 

Duo: Share a beautiful spacious space with your partner, friend or a new pauser 

Trio: Share a super spacious, large room with your friends or new pausers 

(registration to the trio will be depended if the room is full, if not we will move you to a duo room and charge the additional charging fees)

Registration + Pricing

Early Registration till November 15th 


Early registration: 2550nis

Regular :2650nis 


Early registration: 2050nis 

Regular: 2150nis


Early registration: 1850nis

Regular: 1950nis

About your Hosts

Dror Rada

Dror Rada is a sound artist and researcher who was born in Israel. At the age of 34, a profound inner experience with sound changed the course of his life. He then decided to devote his time and energy to research and teach how sound can help others. Dror core belief is that sound can change the world towards the better. 


Sound is a vibration that reaches our brain at a certain frequency and energy, and translates into pitch, timbre and amplitude. Then a deeper connection is made in vast parts of the brain to memories, feelings and images. Therefore, when we hear a song we may cry, rejoice or remember past events.

Sound is the keys to our emotions and memories because they use the same areas of the brain.

Alex Mazor

Alex Mazor, was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. She is a certified Yoga Instructor in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, while researching a variety of yoga methods and movement techniques. Alex  studied in the enrichment workshops of Noah Maze, Maty Ezraty, R. Sharath Jois and more.

As well as a student at Boaz Nahaissi in the classic Contrology Pilates method.

Alex Holds a B.A in Psychology, Specialization in sports psychology and physical activity.

She believes that through the practice of yoga one can step towards the whole that exists within us, towards a sense of self-realization, arousal of compassion and love towards ourselves and thus towards everyone around us.

The classes uniquely combine different traditions, different movement and breathing techniques. The lesson is a combination of traditional practice and freedom, honest and personal inquiry. Express your own deep self on the mat. 

* The Asana practices are focused on improving physical and mental health and maintaining  the physical body. The classes offer a combination of challenging and deep yet soft physical practice, meditation, breathing techniques and gentle and stimulating movement for all parts of the body.



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