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workNwellness Retreat

With Ortal Peleg & Sheerle Dove

Who said a retreat must only be on a weekend? And who said we must completely disengage from our work which takes such a large part of our daily lives? We are excited to bring out a completely different retreat concept. After so many months of working from home, we invite you to enjoy WellnesNwork Retreat. 3 days of  yoga classes, sound journeys, meditations, ice baths combined  with work and creation time

Main Muscles


What to Expect

-Daily yoga class with Sheerle Dove

-Travel in sound and breathing with Ortal Peleg

-Ice baths

-Arranged work stations throughout the day

-Fast WiFi


-3 Nutritious Meals a day 

-Coffee & Tea + Snacks all day long 

What's NOT included


-Medical insurance

-Breakfast on the first day

-Dinner on the last day

Types of Rooms

Solo: Enjoy a classic room full of light 

Duo: Share a beautiful spacious space with your partner, friend or a new pauser 

Trio: Share a super spacious, large room with your friends or new pausers 

(registration to the trio will be depended if the room is full, if not we will move you to a duo room and charge the additional charging fees)

About Nuf Tzukim

Nof Tzukim is a boutique and family cabin complex located in the Arava area in front of endless desert views. Each cabin is named after a desert stream and with its own private hot tub. The complex has the workshop  area which is called Desert Peace, a restaurant near a pastoral horse farm .. it is The perfect place to disconnect and open up your creativity

Registration + Pricing

Solo: 3400nis

Duo: 2700nis

Trio: 2500nis

Call or Whatssapp: +972546270125


About The Sound Healing

Feel the stillness and connection that is formed through breathing and vocal meditation. A guided and relaxing breathing journey along with music to connect the heart by Ortal Peleg, a tool maker, sound therapist and coach

About The Yoga

Hello people!

I came to Earth with the goal of sharing my gifts to everyone. I believe I came here to learn from my experiences to help you.I do not intend to stop learning but I feel I have absorbed enough to help at a high level to each and every one who resonates and connects to my message.

The workshop is basically a journey which we will learn how to listen to the heart and how to understand what it says. We will take down layers of fear and pain that actually if we go deeper into things understand that they are an illusion and we will understand a little more where the heart wants us to go and how to get there. love you.

About your Hosts

Sheerle Dove

My name is Sheerle Dove. I was born in Eilat, Israel but grew up travelling America! When I was 17, I moved back to Israel, joined the army, and continued to live here for another 5 years. A series of mental health issues encouraged me to devote my life to yoga and that sent me on the incredible journey of travelling India and learning from many masters. I did my 500 hour YTT with Guru Pundit Radheshyam Mishra in Goa, I taught a workshop in Jaipur and studied with two recognized Vinyasa masters, Yogini Hemlata and Yogi Umesh Sharma. One Vipassana later, another week studying at a Yoga University in Bangalore, and performing a yoga sequence for a Yoga Shala Opening in Mumbai, I ended my trip and headed out to teach what I learned. I dedicate my life to a Yogic lifestyle. Not only do I practice daily asana but I incorporate the philosophy, and other teachings beyond what the body can do. As a teacher I hope to instill in my students what a beautiful tool Yoga is for self-realization and devoting your life to something bigger than yourself. Namaste Yogis.

Ortal Pelleg

Israeli born, Ortal Pelleg was raised by the sea. Exploring breath, music and meditation from the age of 15, when he made his first instrument, a didgeridoo. He travelled to different places around the world, while practicing presence and flow state, facilitating sound & breath workshops and performing.

Ortal is making handmade Pantams and had the privilege to create a new mindful instrument called “Bajinn” designed to make meditative music more accessible.

He is also a certified Meta Health coach, helping people heal their body by releasing traumas from the past, focus on the present moment and enjoy life. Ortal also practices the Wim Hof method for several years and promotes the benefits of cold exposure and breathing techniques.  

With three children and his partner, still living by the sea where he can stay connected to his family, nature and surfing


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