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David Shemesh

Between Los Angeles, New York City & Tulum, Mexico

Upon completing my military service in one of the IDF’s top elite units, I moved to NYC, where I quickly became immersed in an exploration of altered states of consciousness.

My quest for a deeper understanding of the true nature of reality led me to both study and experiment with various practices that allowed me to have firsthand experiences of non-dual states.

Through synthesizing my knowledge and gaining personal insight, I collected, adapted, and integrated an array of modalities, which combined, invited his clients and students to approach self-inquiry, meditation, and trauma-release in a safe and supportive setting. According to this paradigm, I also co-founded WOOM CENTER, New York’s first multi-sensory yoga and meditation studio, based primarily on the therapeutic and psychedelic properties of sound vibration.

 Today, I travel the world, guiding groups and individuals through transformative experiences.

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